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May 17, 2023

Re: Recommendation Letter from The Center For Head Injury Services

Dear Hilliker Corporation,

I wanted to follow up on our closing yesterday to say what a great job Patrick McKay and Hal Ball did to help The Center for Head Injury Services sell our surplus property on Morgan Ford Road. Patrick and Hal were recommended to us by an affiliate not-for-profit organization who also had a great experience using their services.

Our property sale had several challenges including a pipe that burst during the sale and an unresolved easement issue with the neighbor. Patrick and Hal helped to resolve these issues and found us a full price buyer! I highly recommend their services and Hilliker Corp.

Ronald W. Glenn, MLS, BLAW, BSW
Executive Director
The Center for Specialized Services
11828 Lackland Rd., St. Louis, MO 63146

Marty Daly

Robert S. Blake

Owner, Investor

Hilliker - Roofers Local 2 - Referral Letter
Denny Marshel, Jr.

Financial Secretary/Treasurer, Roofers Local No. 2

For the last several years I have been searching for a building that was appropriate in terms of size, price and location to house our law firm, Hein Schneider & Bond, P.C. As real estate and construction lawyers we are certainly familiar with the documentation and steps necessary to investigate a property and close the sale, but felt it was important to engage an experienced broker who was not only familiar with the areas and properties in which we had an interest, but who could also provide insight on comparable sales, build-out costs, lease options and other matters that might constitute “inside baseball” for the brokers but not be as readily known outside that circle. Over the years we looked at, and in fact made offers on, several properties in the central corridor, including properties in University City, Richmond Heights and Maplewood, but none of those ultimately resulted in an acquisition. In the Fall of 2019 I noticed the former Colonial Cleaners on Brentwood Boulevard was back on the market but could not locate any information on-line regarding the listing. I alerted my Hilliker agent, Hal Ball, to the listing and he promptly ferreted out the details along with additional information on the property’s history and helped put together a strategy for negotiating the deal. Although it took a while to finally come to terms and close the deal, Hal kept on top of every step and took the lead in implementing our negotiation strategy. Hal was at all times professional, responsive and diligent and helped make a difficult negotiation an enjoyable process. I would highly recommend Hal Ball and his associates at Hilliker Corporation should you need an experienced partner to help you locate, purchase or lease your next office location. Additionally, if you need any legal assistance with your transaction, or are just curious about what an old dry cleaning building looks like when converted to professional office space, don’t hesitate to stop in and see us at 2244 S. Brentwood Boulevard, which is all too conveniently located across from Starbucks.
John Hein, Esq.

Hein Schneider & Bond P.C.

We met our Hilliker agent in 2012 when we inquired on the sale price of a building. We were only casually looking as our existing building was of adequate size but we knew we were expanding. Over the next couple years he kept in touch with us and gave us updates on the commercial real estate market as well as continually sending us buildings which generally fit our parameters.

In spring of 2015 our agent dug up a bank owned property that looked to be a real bargain. The property needed substantial rehab but we were able to negotiate a price that well justified the work needed. We put the property under contract and our agent helped us work through the challenges posed by the bank as it took the property through bankruptcy. In September 2015 we closed on our new 40,000 ft.² office/manufacturing facility and are excited for our upcoming move.

We would highly recommend Hilliker Corporation for anyone looking for quality real estate services not only to diligently search the marketplace for ideal facilities, but also to oversee all the details involved with negotiating and purchasing a commercial property.

John Bell

President, BECS Technologies

Best of the best…..client focused, experienced based
Dennis Hampel

Sharon Gladney

I work for this company so maybe unfair to grade but everyone there has treated me very well

Douglas Jackson

Jake Shepley is a true professional, he is well informed and goes above and beyond for people. He is one of the more sincere individuals I’ve met, and shows that he really cares about his clients. You are in good hands with Jake!!
Eva Steffel

Over the years I have worked with my agent and crew on the purchase and sale of two 60,000-square-foot buildings and a 220,000-square-foot building. My agent is an ‘in the trenches, hands-on” kind of guys who always looked out for my best interest as his client.
Doug Lee

Owner, Advertisers Display and Exhibit, Inc.


I just wanted to write you a quick note expressing my sincere thanks to Hilliker Corporation, and to you particularly, for the tremendous job you did in getting my commercial building in the City of St. Louis sold. I know it was a very difficult property to get sold and your diligence, contacts and know-how got the job done. Your efforts on my behalf were nothing short of stellar and I simply cannot thank you enough for guiding this matter to a successful outcome.
If I ever need commercial real estate services in the future, be assured that you will be thew first person I call. Further, I will give you and Hilliker my highest recommendation if anyone ever asks me who is the best commercial real estate broker in St. Louis!

Thank you again, Meade.

Jim Edmonds

My agent helped with a difficult task of identifying, screening and creatively negotiating a lease for our primarily committee-led organization. We had been in our original location for 15 years and nothing was easy about the selection process, negotiation or closing on this deal – but he DID it!
Sally Krueger

Relationship Manager, Global Aquaculture Alliane

We have worked with Hilliker Corporation for over 20 years and have closed four transactions including the purchase of two large industrial properties, leasing of surplus space, and the sale of surplus ground. We have been very pleased with the level of attention and service we received and most importantly the results. We would recommend Hilliker Corporation to anyone looking to buy or sell industrial property in the St. Louis marketplace.
Dennis Coleman

President, Engineered Fire Protection, Inc.

One of the things that impressed me most about our agent was his deep knowledge about the entire process of developing commercial property – from the developer perspective, as well, developing property from the legal and governmental viewpoint…His willingness to go the extra mile on behalf of his client makes the process of expanding or relocating your business a seamless endeavor.
Daniel Stankey

Executive Security Consultant

Hilliker Corporation helped us successfully find a new home for our 40-year-old family business. We had been at our current location for decades, so it was a big step for us to find the perfect place where we could operate more efficiently and grow. The entire process — everything from property research to handling the sale’s final details — was seamless due to their industry experience and knowledge.
Bill Rickermann

President, Affton Radiator and A/C Service

Our agent spent the time to understand our business and our needs and then worked creatively and professionally to execute the best possible lease.
Tom Harmon

CFA, Managing Director, The PrivateBank

Our Hilliker agent was diligent in helping us find the correct property for our needs. He took the time to get to know our situation as well as our goals for the future. Once we identified a workable solution he persuaded a difficult seller to keep us in contention resulting in a win/win sale.
John Rundquist

President, Integrated Facility Services

Mr. Meehan walked us through the church site in Hazelwood, we were not only impressed with this site but also with his representation. I called a special meeting to our Trustee Board that same evening and on the following day, signed with Mr. Meehan during this contractual period. Will and Patrick McKay always made sure the one or the other was available and they even pointed us to a financial institution that we financed the property with and referred us to a proficient building inspector.
I wanted to say “Thanks” to both gentlemen and thought the company should know!
Rev. Harvey J. Alexander


We built our photography studio, with additional office space for a separate tenant, in 1985. One year later we met our Hilliker agent who was relatively new to the business. He quickly found us a quality tenant who leased our space for more than 10 years. After that, he placed other tenants in our building so the space was always occupied. This same agent has taken care of us and stayed in close contact for the past 30 years. When it was time for us to recently sell the property, he handled all the details. We closed on the property within 60 days of the listing in a very seamless transaction. The company’s professionalism and attention to detail has made the entire process a smooth transition. We have the highest regard for our agent and his expertise. It has been a pleasure working with Hilliker Corporation for the past three decades.
Steve and Barbara Adams

Adams Studios

Our family business was a car dealership which we eventually sold but retained the real estate as an investment. When the time came to sell we approached Hilliker Corporation as we had heard they were very professional, knowledgeable of the St. Louis market, and also had an investment division focused specifically on selling investment properties.

I felt our agent knew exactly what needed to be done to sell the property for top dollar in a very specific time frame. Within 6 weeks we had 3 very competitive offers and within 6 months the property was sold for more than we had hoped for.

The whole process was well planned and challenges that arose were quickly solved. The results spoke for themselves. We would recommend Hilliker Corporation to anyone working to sell investment property in St. Louis.

Jeannette Huey

Patrick McKay is an outstanding commercial real estate broker. He combines expertise in all areas of commercial real estate with an exceptional work ethic to produce excellent results. Patrick sold two challenging commercial properties for me. For the first property, he initially found a reliable tenant to fill a long vacant part of the property. Of course this increased its value to any prospective buyer.

Soon afterward, a company did submit a suitable contract. Patrick doggedly plowed through a variety of obstacles to close the complex deal.

The second property also required Patrick’s resolute perseverance to find the right buyer for a smooth sale. In both cases, Patrick found the buyers who were a great fit for the properties.
Throughout the time Patrick worked with me I found him to be consistently professional, resourceful, accessible and amiable. When any obstacles arose, he handled them in a dispassionate and effective manner.

I wholeheartedly recommend Patrick McKay as an excellent choice for any commercial real estate transaction.

Lawrence Levin

LBL Investments LLC

I feel compelled to share with any potential clients of Hilliker Corporation that if you are lucky enough to work with Rebecca Suen it will be an experience you won’t soon forget.

Rebecca is the consummate professional and simply doesn’t miss a beat. She’s extremely conscientious, minding every detail of the transaction, anticipating what’s next and keeping the whole train moving down the tracks. At no time did I ever wonder where we might be in the process, rather she managed my expectations by staying ahead of each critical stage of the journey. Truthfully, I was able to sit back and not worry about a thing because Rebecca was doing all the thinking, all the worrying.

However, don’t expect to get too comfortable. Rebecca will make sure you to do your part, e.g. sign a doc, find a file, make a call. Put something off because you’re busy…Rebecca will find you, gently pester you, and turn up the volume until you comply. And trust me, you are thankful for it.

Rebecca is also knowledgeable and quite savvy, as is the whole Hilliker team, when it comes to buying or selling a property. At times the advice she gave seemed counter-intuitive, however, she always provides well thought-out reasoning and precedence for her recommendations. I took them all, unsure at times, but trusting in her wisdom and experience. Smart move on my part to get myself out of the way and allow Rebecca to lead. Her leadership and strategic decisions won the day!

All commercial transactions are riddled with issues, complications, setbacks, et al., but they are tolerable if you have the right person leading your effort. Now take my savvy advice…put Rebecca in charge of your next project and you’ll take home the Gold!

Frank Van Bree

Urban Future