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Commercial Real Estate for Tenant Representation in St. Louis

Entrepreneurs always ask themselves, “What’s next?” They’re looking for opportunities to take their business to a higher level, increase their profits, and set their team up for further success. As they set their goals (or just start to feel the pain of “staying the same”), their real estate needs often take center stage.

We’ve seen it over and over again: cramped offices, overflowing warehouses, or parking lots jammed with service vehicles. We’ve seen the opposite as well. Employees can be too spread out to work together cohesively. Sometimes it’s because they’re in too big of a building, and sometimes it’s because they have no building at all.

Purchasing a commercial property to house your business can be a smart move, but it’s not for everyone. Leasing makes sense when:

  • You’re not sure how fast you’re going to grow
  • You’re scaling back or preparing for an exit
  • You’re not financially ready to buy, maintain a building and property, or manage tenants
  • Buying property would be a distraction from your business goals
  • You currently own space, but you want to leverage your equity to expand your business

When it’s time to take action on a new lease, Hilliker Corporation has a plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Do I need a broker, or is it better to “fly solo?”

It seems so simple. You see a building with a “For Lease” sign in the window. You call the number, find out how much the rent is, and decide if you have enough money to pay for it.


That would be true if leasing commercial property were the same as renting an apartment. But your business needs are unique, and there are no one-size-fits-all properties or lease agreements. Though you may find property on your own, the odds are against you successfully completing the entire process.

Not only that, it takes experience and an understanding of all the “rules” — both written and unwritten — to navigate the complexities of a lease agreement and details of relocation.

That’s why you need an expert in commercial real estate who works on your behalf, advising you throughout your search, coordinating your team of advisors, and guiding you through the intricacies of finding and leasing the right commercial space.

That’s what Hilliker brokers do all day, every day for entrepreneurs just like you.

Creating a Plan of Action

Commercial Real Estate is all about customization. There’s no such thing as a “typical” business.

That’s why your Hilliker broker will start by getting to know you, your goals, and your organization. We’ll learn everything we can about how your business works, who your customers are, and where you and your employees live. We’ll want to know what you need, what sort of zoning you’ll require, and how you’ll eventually need to transform your space.

Then we’ll find out what you have to spend. There’s a bigger picture than just a single number. You’ll need to consider taxes, insurance, buildout, and other hidden costs associated with moving.

Once we’ve formed a comprehensive picture, we’ll get to work. As your broker, we have access to tools, techniques, and databases unique to our industry. Not only that, each of us is already working with property owners who are looking for tenants right now. And with an office full of fellow brokers, we’re always endeavoring as a team to match tenants with available space.

That’s not all. We cultivate our network continuously: brokers from other firms, entrepreneurs, lenders, lawyers, and professionals across many industries. Our process is collaborative, which means we’re always “on,” making connections and searching for possible pairings.

When you work with a Hilliker broker — any one of us! — you also have access to our collective experience and counsel. We become your resource and your sounding board for all things real estate. If we don’t know the answer immediately, we know how to get it.

And if you need counsel from another discipline (like a lawyer, accountant, architect, contractor, or lender) we’ll help you in your search.

Since our inception in 1985, we have completed over 10,000 commercial transactions in the metro St. Louis area. We use that experience to your benefit.

(For more about how to choose your broker, read this article.)

Negotiating the Lease

Hilliker Corporation Commercial Real Estate St. Louis Leasing Properties - William AschingerA commercial lease is complicated, and a business’s needs are complex. Once we find a property that looks like the perfect fit, we get to work on the contract.

First, as your broker, we’ll guide you through the negotiation process. We work hard to get you what you need at the best possible price, but we also realize a lease is the beginning of a long-term relationship. We protect your reputation as we go to work, looking to come to a win-win agreement.

When it comes to the details of the contract, you’ll want to know what type of lease you’re signing and what it requires of you. Throughout the negotiation, we’ll help you determine how you and your landlord will pay for:

  • Insurance
  • Property tax
  • Upkeep and repairs
  • Buildout
  • Capital improvements

(For a complete guide to lease agreements, see this article.)

As negotiators, we’re creative. We want to make sure that, as much as possible, your lease fits who you are, what your goals are, and where you’re going. We also work with you as you deal with municipality and zoning regulations. We’re your advocates throughout, even (and especially) if things get sticky.

Taking the Long View — Your Real Estate Lifecycle

When you work with a Hilliker broker, we will get you what you need right now, but we’re always helping you look toward the future. Every real  estate transaction is one more step in your Real Estate Life Cycle.


When you’re making your first real estate decisions, the number of choices you have to make can be overwhelming. Hilliker partners with you, serving as your guide, helping you make the most of every opportunity.

Growth and Maturity

As your business and life progress, you have a partner in Hilliker Corporation. You can rely on our collective experience as your decisions become more complex (and potentially more profitable). Whether you need help buying commercial property, diversifying your investments, or managing tenants, we want to help.


One day, you may want to sell your business, scale back, or retire. Only you can decide if that’s the best choice for you and your loved ones. But when you reach that point, we help you leverage a lifetime of wise decisions into investments that make sense for you and your heirs.

Wherever you are in your Real Estate Life Cycle, count on the experience and versatility of your partners at Hilliker Corporation.

Get in touch today.

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