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About Hilliker Corporation

Hilliker Corporation brokers: Guides along the path to success.

Moving at the Speed of Business

Business owners and real estate investors are accustomed to changing markets. They rarely find themselves in the same situation twice. For most, it’s that constant day-to-day variation that drives them to do what they do.

Being able to make their way through the unknown and play by their own rules is their source of motivation.

Does that sound like you?

If it does, you probably know that with growth comes complexity. Few can stay on top of everything. Many decisions require professional consultation from outside disciplines. To keep up with the speed of business — and to maintain agility over time — forward-thinking entrepreneurs surround themselves with a great team.

When it’s time to add a commercial real estate company to that team, most are looking for:

  • A partner who strives to maintain the same degree of excellence you expect from yourself.
  • An organization that combines deep experience with up-to-the-minute market knowledge.
  • A company with a broad enough base to stay with you as you grow.

That’s Hilliker Corporation: the entrepreneur’s choice for Commercial Real Estate.


Hilliker Corp Commercial Property St-Louis

St. Louis’s Commercial Real Estate Leaders

Hilliker Corp Commercial Property St-Louis
Hilliker Corp Commercial Property St-Louis
Hilliker Corp Commercial Property St-Louis
Founded by Ben Hilliker in 1985, we are St. Louis’s number one local commercial real estate firm, helping entrepreneurs buy and sell more properties than any other brokerage firm in the region. Our brokers know the Bi-State submarkets inside and out. We’ve each cultivated our professional networks, our home-grown knowledge, and our reputation over our combined decades of service.

Our agents care about making St. Louis a better place to live and work. We put that care into action by helping entrepreneurial business owners like you grow your platform. Then, we watch as you grow the regional economy.

Because of these core values, we’ve become the entrepreneur’s choice, from Columbia, Missouri, to Illinois’s Metro East. In partnership with our sister company, Westwood Lease Advisors, Hilliker Corporation works with a broad range of clients.

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

No matter your needs — office, retail, warehouse, industrial, or institutional — we can help you find the perfect space for your business. Then we’ll professionally negotiate a lease or purchase that works for you.

It’s what we do every day.

Landlords and Property Owners

Whether you want to be hands-off or enjoy being intimately involved in your property, we will customize a program that accounts for your distinctive needs:

  • Tenant acquisition
  • Lease negotiation
  • Management services
    … at all levels of engagement.

Investors and Landowners

We are your consultative experts, helping you:

  • Make strategic acquisitions.
  • Market and sell your property.
  • Navigate 1031 and 1033 exchanges with cutting-edge knowledge regarding tax-deferral processes.
  • Invest in Triple-Net (NNN) Properties, enabling a steady stream of stable revenue for years to come.

Schools, Houses of Worship, Community Centers, and Non-Profits

You make our city more beautiful and sustainable. We take our work with you seriously, providing you with expert service to help you achieve your goals as you do good work for our city.

In our over 30-year history, we’ve brokered the sale of over 200 church and school buildings in the metro area. Through it, we’ve learned to be mindful of the unique circumstances that surround your organization. Whoever you are, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs.



Guiding You through the Real Estate Lifecycle

Hilliker Corporation Commercial Real Estate St. LouisCommercial real estate needs change as you grow — both personally and professionally. Hilliker Corporation knows that, and we’ve seen thousands through the three phases of their Real Estate Lifecycle.


In a business’s early days, when anything is possible, few can be sure what’s ahead. The next three to five years of growth, income, and change are too hard for many to predict.
We get it. We help STARTUPs find a lease or purchase that can flex with growth while staying within budget. We look for what makes sense for your business right now but will set you up for future success.

And as you grow and transition through other leased properties, we’ll help you see your business flourish via well-negotiated contracts and well-chosen locations.


As business owners find their footing, they often tire of paying rent to someone else. In the GROWTH & MATURITY phase, we guide entrepreneurs through the process of buying property that will make sense for them immediately and will allow them to prosper in the future.

In this phase, you need a partner who:

  • Educates you concerning market trends and pricing
  • Doggedly searches for the right property with you
  • Negotiates the best possible win-win deal, seeing the process through to completion, no matter what it takes
  • Maintains relationships with officials in regional municipalities
  • Understands and can help guide you through local codes, procedures, and ordinances
  • Can locate and acquire quality, credit-worthy tenants for unused space
  • Expertly manage your property, allowing you to work on your business instead of your building


When you reach the end of your career, how do ensure a steady income into the future? How do you find property that will allow you less active management but more consistent income?

At Hilliker Corporation, we have an answer.

Partnering with our sister company, Westwood Lease Advisors, we help clients sell their business property, roll their money through a 1031 Exchange, and purchase Triple-Net Properties (NNN).

Triple-Nets are the “easy button” of real estate investing. Occupied by high-quality and credit-worthy tenants, they are 100% responsible for the management of the property. And if that tenant decides to move on, Westwood can assist you in locating a replacement tenant or buyer.

Your job? To reap the rewards of a lifetime of smart real estate decisions. Our job? To make sure you prosper for years to come.

We Are the Entrepreneur’s Choice

When you choose a real estate broker for your next transaction, look for someone:

  • Who has an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Who knows St. Louis intimately.
  • Who can guide you throughout your career, from STARTUP, through GROWTH & MATURITY, and all the way through your EXIT strategy.

At Hilliker, this is who we are.

If you’re ready to enter the next phase of your Real Estate Lifecycle, schedule an appointment with a Hilliker Commercial Real Estate Broker today.

Hilliker Corp Commercial Property St-Louis