Hilliker Corporation is more than a real estate firm.  It is a culture of honesty, creativity, hard work and commitment to our clients.

We consider ourselves indebted to our clients, who put their faith in us to accomplish their goals.  We believe it is our obligation to respond to each client’s trust with diligent pursuit of their best, achievable real estate solution.  We believe no project is properly completed until our client has obtained the best possible solution to their real estate need, whether that need is buying, selling, leasing, management or consultation.

Hilliker Corporation has maintained its independence from all national real estate firms and development companies.  This allows us to pursue our clients’ interests, unfettered by any conflicting allegiances.  Hilliker Corporation has always been St. Louis owned and managed and has maintained its same name and philosophy since inception.

Hilliker Corporation’s agents average over 15 years of experience with Hilliker Corporation.  All are full-time, career agents, specializing in business, institutional and investment real estate.

At Hilliker Corporation we recognize that every client is unique, and that no two client’s needs are exactly alike.  We make the extra effort to gain and complete understanding of a client’s specific situation before diligently pursuing the best possible solutions.  We’ve spent years listening to our clients and analyzing their needs, honing our creativity and energizing our efforts.  Our results speak for themselves.  We are ready to be of service to you.