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At Hilliker Corporation, we continuously list excellent commercial properties for sale/lease throughout St. Louis and the surrounding areas. Browse our commercial real estate listings by category below or browse the Listing Directory.

  • Industrial Properties

    Manufacturing facilities, bulk and office/warehouse buildings, freight terminals and distribution centers as well as service centers and flex buildings with up to 50% office finish. For Sale or Lease.
  • Institutional Properties

    Schools, churches, residential care facilities and not-for-profit facilities. For Sale or Lease.
  • Investment Properties

    Properties of all categories with existing or a high potential for rental income including sale/leaseback and triple net investment properties. For Sale or Lease.
  • Land Properties

    Improved and unimproved parcels of ground. For Sale or Lease.
  • New Property

    View new commercial real estate properties in all categories listed in the last 90 days. For Sale or Lease.
  • Office Properties

    Single and multi-level office buildings, office condos and suites, loft conversions, and service center facilities with more than 50% office finish. For Sale or Lease.
  • Retail Properties

    Freestanding and in line retail sales and service locations. For Sale or Lease.
  • Sold/Leased

    View properties that have sold or leased in St. Louis, MO by Hilliker Corporation.
  • Warehouse Space

    Warehouse buildings, office/warehouse space, garage/warehouse space, and storage facilities. For Sale or Lease.