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Where The Heck Are Interest Rates?

Where The Heck Are Interest Rates

Fed Funds Rate (See chart): Currently 5.50% Interest rate which is set by Federal Reserve which banks can borrow/lend money from/to each other. After a series of increases in 2021 and 2022 this rate has remained unchanged since the last 0.25% (25 basis points) increase in July 2023.

10 Year Treasury Rate: Currently 4.65%. Interest rate on 10-year federal treasury notes. This benchmark is typically used by Institutional & Life Companies to set interest rates on longer term investment grade real estate.

Prime Rate: Currently 8.5%. Interest rate set by Wall Street Journal as the current average prime lending rate of Banking institutions lending money to the public. (Very typically a 3-point spread above Federal Funds rate – ‘cause the bank’s got to make some money too ?)

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So, what does that mean if I want to buy real estate today?

Business Owner buying a building for their own use: From your local bank you will pay 8% to 8.25% (slightly below Prime). They will typically want 20% down payment and will not fix rate longer than 5 years with a 10 to 20 year term amortization. They will require a personal guarantee (or additional collateral)

Investor buying commercial investment property: From Institutional & Life Company lenders you will pay 7% to 7.25% (typically around 2.5% over the 10-year Treasury Rate). They will likely require 40% downpayment but will fix rate for 10 years and allow for limited recourse.

Currently Inverted Yield Curve = Long Term money cheaper than short term = financial institutions believe rates will go down.

BTY: If you buy a home today in St. Louis you will pay around 7.38% for a 30-year conventional mortgage (sorry Hilliker corporation does not sell homes)

*Rates are certainly up from 3 years ago yet, fear not. Call your favorite Hilliker Agent to discuss creative ways around or to defer todays higher rates *

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