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St. Louis History & facts

St. Louis History & facts

St. Louis City and St. Louis County split in 1876 creating two separate counties. St. Louis City County and St. Louis County.

Population in 1876:

St. Louis City 340,000 St. Louis County 27,000

Population in 2021:

St. Louis City: 295,000
St. Louis County: 991,000
Current population of St. Lous MSA: 2,820,000 (21st in US)

Missouri is laid out in 114 Counties

One of which is labeled “St. Lous City County”
St. Louis City is one of only 3 “City Counties” in America (Baltimore, MD and Carson City, Nevada)

Our Regional Counties and the County seats:

St. Louis City County County Seat: St. Louis
St. Louis County County Seat: Clayton
St. Charles County County Seat: St. Charles
Franklin County (includes Pacific) County Seat: Union
Jefferson County (Includes Arnold) County Seat: Hillsboro

Illinois counties across river from St. Louis
Madison County (North) County Seat: Edwardsville
St. Clair County (Central County Seat: Belleville
Monroe County (South) County Seat: Waterloo

St. Louis County is laid out in 91 municipalities

Largest is Florissant Population 51,800
Smallest is Champ, population 12

The majority of the 518 acre land area of Champ is the landfill at SW corner of 270 & 70. Champ was founded by Bill Bangert in 1959 and also includes 6 residences and a church

St. Louis History & facts

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