Roofing Services and Solutions Leases Commercial Warehouse and Office

124 Years of Excellence

Joe Lauberth, president of Roofing Services and Solutions (a division of Tecta America), has a packed schedule, and he’s happy about it.

Roofing Services and Solutions, or RSS, is an elite multi-state commercial roofer. They’re in the midst of “roofing season,” so every minute is spoken for.

With clients like Boeing, Monsanto, Barnes Jewish Hospital, Washington University, and Sigma-Aldrich, they provide top-tier service to some of the region’s largest organizations.

As a first-call contractor for the Department of Energy, they completed a recent project in New Mexico. They’re also in the planning stages for an upcoming assignment at the Idaho National Lab.

Lauberth says, “We’re known for our professionalism. It’s who we are.”

Started in 1895 by Christian Young, the St. Louis company expanded considerably under the leadership of his son, William.

Eventually, RSS became part of a diversified portfolio of related businesses. But the profitability of the roofing division attracted Tecta America in 2018.

Tecta America is a commercial roofer with over 70 locations and 3000 carpenters throughout the US and Canada. They saw that Lauberth managed it expertly and profitably, deciding to purchase it as a subsidiary.

Tecta’s acquisitions team told Lauberth, “This is the easiest due-diligence transition we’ve seen. We’re not coming in to fix anything.”

St. Louis City Industrial Warehouse Space

Joining with Tecta meant RSS would be separating from a holding company that had several other divisions. It needed its own space to operate effectively. Plus, it was growing—four new employees already, with more to come.

Together with Regan Trittler of Mohr Partners, Lauberth set out to find a long-term lease that would allow them to grow.

RSS had three specific needs:

  1. Approximately 9000 square feet of office space.
  2. A warehouse big enough to contain both their construction materials and a truck crane.
  3. Outdoor storage for trucks, roof kettles, and tear-off carts.

Additionally, Lauberth wanted to keep a similar commute for employees. RSS headquarters have been at Vandeventer and Chouteau near the Grove neighborhood for over fifty years. The location was perfect for employees traveling from as far west as Troy and as far east as Belleville.

After three months of looking, it seemed as if nothing on the market would fulfill all three criteria. They expanded their search to Overland and Westport, but still found nothing suitable.

Fortunately, Trittler’s colleague, Meade Summers of Hilliker Corporation, let him know about a unique South City property. Lauberth and Trittler were optimistic.

Room to Grow

In 1994, Summers joined two of his long-term real estate clients to form Conway Partners. Together, they purchased an office and warehouse investment at 3810 Paule Ave in South St. Louis City.

Built by Georgia Pacific, the structure is an 80,000 square-foot masonry building. It sits on 10 acres of land, much of it fenced-in.

A long-term manufacturing tenant was getting ready to vacate 9000 square feet of office space and 45,000 square feet of warehouse.

Lauberth said, “It had a nice office area, a lot of warehouse — more than we really need right away — and then really attractive outdoor storage as well. It was convenient to the highway and had all the components we were having a really difficult time finding.”

On Lauberth’s recommendation, Tecta America signed a ten-year lease with Conway Partners for 54,000 square feet of office and warehouse space at 3810 Paule Ave.

Positioned for the Future

About Summers, Lauberth said, “Meade and the Hilliker team were great throughout the process.” Speaking of Summers and Conway Partners, he said, “Meade knew we needed certain things, and they were very accommodating.”

As of the publication of this article, RSS and Conway Partners have nearly finished customizing the leased space. They’ve updated the office area, installed new carpet, painted the walls, and added additional fencing.

They also modified a warehouse door so RSS can park its crane truck inside.

Planning to move to the new space the week of August 19, the building gives RSS a chance to grow into their new partnership with Tecta. Lauberth says, “This is a place we can stay for a long time.”

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